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Wordentec Advanced Vacuum Environment

WAVE is the central control system for our vacuum coating systems and upgrades. It comprises carefully selected industrial control products and key industry standard instruments configured to provide a flexible, operator friendly, machine operation and control environment.

           The software is designed to provide control of a thin film coating plant and provides a well organised user interface allowing convenient entry of programmable parameters during process configuration and straightforward process status indication during a coating run.
Note: Image shows control system running WAVE lite, our entry level unit featuring a 6 inch Panel View GUI.

Machine control and data acquisition is handled by a robust industrial Field bus system (Beckoff Lightbus) which is directly linked to the PC via noise immune fibre optic links. WAVE interacts with intelligent instrumentation via RS232 interfaces. The software supports watchdog protection to provide safe process abort in the event of PC crash. Pump station control is handled by a dedicated micro controller (VCP700). It supports active vacuum gauges and runs independently of the PC. All safety critical items are administered through dedicated approved safety devices in compiance with essential Health and Safety requirements of the Machinery Directive 98/37/EEC as amended.

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