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Wordentec Limited News Page
February 2015
WAVE QSK Crystal Head and Controller
June 2009
Introducing the WAVE 360 Laboratory Coater
June 2008
S500 HiTUS Sputtering system for Cambridge
May 2008
Solar Module Vacuum Laminator.
March 2008
Gooch and Housego re-locate to new factory.
January 2008
Coating system maintenance / support contract for NDC Infrared Engineering.
December 2007
WAVE600 Coating system for Gooch&Housego
November 2007
S500 remote plasma sputtering system for SSL research
August 2007
BAK760 supplied to NDC Infrared Engineering
July 2007
Vacuum laminator for Photovoltaic solar panel manufacturing
July 2007
Wordentec have moved to larger premises in Shebbear , Devon
February 2007
Wordentec 'Approved Integrator of Ferrotec Vacuum Products'.
November 2006
Automated Leak Test Station
September 2006
Substrate Heating for compact systems
August 2006
HiTUS remote plasma sputtering system supplied to The University of Sheffield
July 2006
Vacuum Technology training At Wordentec
April 2006
Refurbished L560 coating system installed at NDC Infrared Engineering
January 2006
Refurbished BAK 760 coating systems installed at SLS Optics
December 2005
Installation of vacuum bake ovens in major UK aerospace facility.
July 2005
Wordentec ships QLC 800 Ebeam Evaporation tool to Danchip, Denmark.
June 2005
Wordentec Ships r+d equipment to the Sheffield Centre for Advanced Magnetic Materials and Devices.
May 2005
Wordentec ships Plasma Launch Systems (PLS).
April 2005
Glovebox Evaporators
July 2004
Vacuum Furnaces from R D Webb Company
June 2004
Wordentec completes full refurbishment of a Balzers BAK600 for Precision Optics.
April 2004
BAK760 system delivered to UK Semiconductor Fab.
February 2004
S400 Sputtering system delivered for PV research
December 2003
Wordentec delivered a QLC 800 system for Gold coating Vinyl records
September 2003
Wordentec commissions in house development / demonstration system.
August 2003
Wordentec Delivers S400 HiTUS Sputtering System.
August 2003
Wordentec deliveres QLC 800 deposition system to major Danish Photonics company.
March 2003
Wordentec provides engineering support to major UK Aerospace company.
January 2003
Wordentec delivers special development chamber to Bath University.
November 2002
Wordentec delivers production QLC800 system
June 2002
QLC 800 Versatile High Vacuum Coating System
June 2002
Wordentec launches 'Powersure' coils for Experimental Physics and Plasma Technology
March 2002
Ion Current Density Sensor (ICDS) launched