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The HiTUS sputtering technology

The PQL developed high-density plasma method of thin film sputtering provides process and thin film deposition benefits not currently available from conventional systems. The patented technology, High Density Plasma forming device is operationally referred to as High Target Utilisation Sputtering (HiTUS). HiTUS delivers significant increased process scope to operate outside of the conventional sputter deposition process space, thereby providing an enabling technology for new applications. The HiTUS sputtering technology has demonstrated benefits in sectors such as:

The key to PQLs leading edge thin film deposition coating technology is a remotely generated high intensity plasma that provides a number of important benefits that are unavailable from magnetron, ion beam, thermal evaporation and chemical vapour deposition coating systems. Additionally PQLs thin film sputtering technology has delivered superior differentiated coating characteristics for the photonic, semiconductor, and photovoltaic sectors.

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